• Ctrl Plus works with experienced national cadres that have formed a professional team of writers, creators, directors, photographers, programmers and marketers, and their long-standing experience in the media content industry, public relations and Digital Marketing, accordingly Ctrl Plus has gained the trust of five international offices, and we consider this a step towards an ambitious future.
  • Employrite utilizes a multitude of employment screening solutions to make sure you choose right. Reach out to the team to find out more.
  • We match jobs and job hunters. Tyler Wren has been connecting Kiwis for more than 10 years. Looking to move to NZ to work in Construction, Legal, IT, Accountancy & Finance, Procurement, Sales. These jobs are on the skills shortage list. We find staff for NZ based clients looking for these individuals. Contact our specialist recruitment staff on 09 973 5470.
  • a doctor who has surgical experience is needed based on surgical aspect around sango ,ogun state.axis which can be willing to be available any time

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