Sixty odd years living with farm animals and machinery in New Zealand, and the last 10 years trying to understand why it appears to me that we are on our way to Hell on a Handcart.

Hi, all my websites have contact pages and message boxes, and I am happy to answer any queries regarding my books. All the websites are linked so once you have clicked on the above URL it is easy enough to access the others.   Apart from the 5 years pre-school, and the 60 years mentioned above, during the last 10 since I retired I have had a critical look at this country that some of my family has had a presence in since before the so called NZ wars, a country that I was once so proud to be a citizen of. Consequently I have concluded that New Zealand and the rest of the world has indeed almost gone to Hell in a Hand Cart, as I have from my perspective attempted to show in the other than BOB series  of books. Therefore I hope you find something on one website or in the synopsis or excerpts from the books that is of some interest to you, Bob Simmonds.

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