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Busy Body Personal Training specialises in one-on-one Personal Training from a purpose built private training studio, and group fitness sessions to get you in the best shape of your life. Check out our website for comprehensive overview of what we do and how it can work for you.


The biggest challenge that I hear on a daily basis is “I want to lose weight”. Chances are you’re visiting this site for this very reason. Well, I’m going to challenge you on that. Do you want to lose lean muscle tissue, which gives you that fantastic toned shape you’re dreaming of? Do you want to lose bone density and increase the risk of fractures, breaks, osteoporosis and other bone diseases? Do you want to dehydrate the body and lose all your energy by reducing your water content?
I hope the answer is NO! What you really want to do is LOSE FAT!! The most effective way to lose fat is through diet AND exercise.
If you only changed your diet but did no exercise, you would lose muscle, bone density and water content along with fat. The number on the scales can be very misleading… let go of it, it doesn’t tell you the real picture!

So how do we track if you are losing the nasty fat and keeping the sexy muscles? We pop you onto our top-of-the-line Tanita body composition machine that very accurately details all the essential info for regular comparisons.

Brilliant, so I how do I get started? Just call, text or email us and we’ll set aside some time to get you to the studio, discuss your specific goal, and determine the areas we need to address and formulate the plan for your new sexy body!

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