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Baby Sleep Consultant is here to offer solutions to all your baby’s sleep problems, at an affordable rate.

Baby Sleep Consultant is here to offer solutions to all your baby’s sleep problems, at an affordable rate.

You will learn the skills from New Zealand’s only team of Certified Infant and Child Sleep consultant how to get your baby or toddler to sleep better, whether it’s problematic nap times, early morning wake ups, sleep associations, reflux waking baby, or excessive night time wakings, we can help you with any sleep problem.

We have helped over 8000 babies and are the most experienced sleep consultants in NZ. Our philosophy is based on science and experience, we believe that the best way to teach your baby to sleep is by finding a sleep training technique which suits your parenting style and doesn’t compromise what you believe.  We ensure that we match your babies temperament to the method, this ensures success quickly and easily.

We want you to enjoy your baby, you don’t have to suffer through exhaustion and sleepless nights, and you don’t have to use cry it out. We believe in finding a method your family is happy with.

We offer phone, home or email assessments, choose the sleep package to suit your family, I am positive together we can solve your baby’s sleep problems.

Find out why thousands of mum’s rave about our service’s and wish they had called us sooner! Check out the testimonials page for yourself here.

Your sleep assessment is a tailored solution specifically for your child, it will suit your parenting style, we take an holistic approach and cover nutrition, sleep environment, sleep associations, sleep training, naps, night feeding, night waking, bedding, and more! It is because of this unique well rounded approach to your child’s sleep our success rate out shines others in the field.

We promise you our techniques and approach will be effective in changing your little one’s sleep.

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