Hotmilk Lingerie, New Zealand

Hotmilk Lingerie is the world’s most decadent range of designer maternity lingerie, including nursing and breastfeeding bras, camisoles, and nightwear.

Hotmilk Lingerie - New Zealand's Sexiest Maternity Lingerie & Nursing Bras

Hotmilk Lingerie’s line of sexy maternity and nursing lingerie is specially designed with your comfort and support in mind, empowering women across New Zealand - and the world - by bringing out the sexy woman that’s inside every new mother.

Hotmilk’s maternity lingerie and breastfeeding bras help you to feel fabulous when you most deserve it: all at once they are practical, feature rich, and sensual, and can - unlike other bras - be worn at every stage of your pregnancy with drop-down cups that make it easy to feed your little one.

We don’t just provide breastfeeding and nursing bras, we also offer a range of delightful and delightfully functional line of sleepwear including camisoles, nighties, sleep bras, and pyjama sets that can be worn at all times, even if you’re not pregnant! They’re just that cosy.

If you’re struggling to pick a bra style or size that’s right for you, we can help! Our website steps you through the process, from picking your perfect bra through to how to fit it, and so much more. We’ve made it so simple, even your clueless significant other could do it!

If you want to - comfortably - express your sensual side then simply drop by the Hotmilk website and browse our range of sexy nursing and maternity lingerie.

The Hotmilk Range Includes:

Hotmilk Lingerie’s Nursing + Maternity Bras

Hotmilk’s Flexiwire Bras

Hotmilk’s Guide To Picking, Sizing, And Fitting Your Bra

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