Grow Eat Heal - Healing Your Body With Food

Eat well and, gain confidence in yourself that will last your lifetime. Reconnect with your body through natural, whole foods and balanced lifestyle choices. Proven methods, 1-1 diet coaching and full support will inspire you to eat for life.

The quest for well-being

It's about what we eat. I’m Jocelyn J Murray, registered natural health practitioner. My quest for wellbeing and good food began 34 years ago. As a certified health and wellness coach, I want to share useful tips, recipes and ideas about food with others to helps us all on our journey towards being well and feeling alive.

If your goal is to find a happy life balance, and feel the best you can be? I can help you do that. I’m here to inspire you to choose food that nourishes you, and to guide you to lifestyle choices that best support you.  Issues with food intolerances? Issues with weight control? Is your gastrointestinal tract giving you grief?

Grow Eat Heal is here for you with the tools to help you find a better way to eat and live life. We’re all about health and wellness.

Eat like you have never eaten before: eat for health, eat for life.  Our healthy eating tips, nutrition, and wellness guidance, diet coaching, support, and recipes will help you heal from the inside out. Contact Jocelyn on 021 537 626 and let's start working out your personal health, well-being and weight loss plan!

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