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Listwise is an email address cleaner that uses its specialised email validating software to remove invalid addresses from email marketing lists. Email list cleaning is essential to carrying out effective email marketing campaigns.

Listwise is an email address cleaner that assesses email marketing lists, removing duplicates and invalid emails from these lists while verifying every email it leaves on the list. This cleaning process is integral to carrying out effective email marketing campaigns as bulk email lists normally contain a lot of spam traps and addresses that bounce, but the team at Listwise pride themselves in being able to identify and remove these problem addresses.

Using Listwise’s email validating software to optimise your email marketing lists will have a direct impact on not only the quality of responses that you’ll get back from your email marketing campaigns, but will also allow you to measure and report back on your results more accurately. Duplicates, non-valid addresses, and all the other accounts not likely to respond will bloat statistics with non-responses, and ruin the good, clean data that you ideally want back from an email campaign.

Listwise offers a credit-based pre-paid pricing plan for customers who want to clean their email lists on an ‘as needed’ basis, however customers needing regular email list cleaning on a large scale can also choose from a number of monthly plans. Listwise also offers a free trial which you can use to clean up to 100 email addresses for free, for potential customers wishing to test the validity of their services.

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