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Forensic Meth Services is an Auckland company providing meth contamination testing services. Director Alex Dalzell has international experience drug testing houses and as a qualified forensic scientist is an expert at detecting meth house contamination.

Forensic Meth Services is an Auckland-based company providing meth contamination services to customers. Director Alexandra Dalzell is a qualified forensic scientist with experience in crime scene and drug analysis, forensic chemistry and toxicology. With international experience working in forensics, she’s an expert at detecting meth house contamination, and as both a homeowner and rental property owner, she understands the importance of ensuring a home is free from contamination.

The process for meth contamination testing is carried out with an on-site Screening Assessment where multiple individual samples are collected and sent to an IANZ accredited laboratory for testing. Samples can be analysed within 24 hours and if total meth levels are below 1.5ug, the home is all clear. If meth is detected above 1.5ug, then another round of testing will be required to locate the hot spots in the property, with more samples collected. The process of assessments and testing continues until the specific affected areas can be identified for decontamination, which is followed by a final testing assessment.

For home buyers, meth contamination testing before purchasing is a necessary service as meth contamination has been found in houses all over Auckland, and even in multi-million dollar homes that you wouldn’t expect to be contaminated! Meth contamination can devalue a house and can cause serious health problems for any future tenants, so drug testing houses is essential to ensure you’re not at risk from contamination in any way.

Forensic Meth Services also test commercial properties, as it’s especially important for commercial buyers to do a pre-purchase meth test to ensure the building is clean before investing. Many rental owners also run pre and post tenancy meth tests to minimise the risks associated with renting out a building. Increasingly, owners of motels/hotels and mobile vehicles are also having them tested.

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