The team at MoleMap New Zealand are skin cancer specialists who can help diagnose and treat skin cancer. With proven technology and a wealth of knowledge, you can achieve peace of mind about skin concerns. Learn more at MoleMap New Zealand.

At MoleMap New Zealand, the team are committed to creating a safer New Zealand. In New Zealand, the sun is harsh and unrelenting. With long summers and a culture of outdoor work and leisure, New Zealanders are at a higher risk of developing skin cancer than the rest of the world. Yet, we know that if you profile moles often, you have a greater chance at detecting skin cancer early. When detected early, skin cancer is almost 100 per cent treatable.

At MoleMap New Zealand, the team provide leading care that can profile your moles, and identify them for skin cancer. Their team of leading dermatologists and melanographers have been detecting and diagnosing melanoma for over two decades.

With proven technology and with expert help, skin checks are designed to give you peace of mind. Melanograohers are specially trained skin cancer nurses, who can thoroughly check your skin for signs of skin cancer. They'll use the latest skin-mapping technology to map your moles, and be able to identify any irregular needing treatment. If problem moles are identified, they can refer your case to one of their industry-leading dermatologists.

In addition to nationwide clinics, MoleMap New Zealand have an extensive knowledge centre which you can use to learn more about melanoma and other forms of skin cancer, and discover sun protection tips to stay safe in the bright New Zealand sun. Head to MoleMap NZ to learn more about skin cancer, and find a skin care clinic near you.

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