Zen Detox Premium Wellness Retreat

Zen Detox Ltd is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility dedicated to a person's well-being. They are one of the top substance abuse treatment centres in Auckland. Their goal is to help their patients through complete drug and alcohol treatment.


Zen Detox Ltd, located in Auckland, New Zealand, is dedicated to creating an environment of total care for their patients as well as their families. The substance abuse treatment centre itself is staffed by people with a deep understanding for helping those struggling with addiction, as well as their close friends and family, who are affected by the ongoing treatment of the problem. The facility's main goal is to get the life of the patient back on track - back to where it was pre-addiction.

Carlie, owner and proprietor of Zen Detox Ltd, knows what it's like to live in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility, having undergone the process. The need for more premium rehabilitation centres in New Zealand led to the creation of Zen Detox for the purpose of treating these individuals. The team realise the need for more high-quality treatments, as each patient is a different case requiring a unique approach.

The Zen Detox team consists of qualified specialists in different areas of the drug and alcohol treatment process. The team has an addiction specialist, instructors, massage therapists, meditation guidance, personal trainers, peer support workers, and a psychotherapist. All of them are standing-by to cater to whatever a patient needs during their time at the facility.

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Zen Detox Premium Wellness Retreat
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