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We install and service a range of water filters for your home or commercial business, ranging from an Under Bench water filter to a Whole Property Ultra Violet filtration system - both town water supply and rural tank water.

Our job is to help you Drink Healthy Water. Water is a finite resource, it falls from the sky or we pump it out from deep underground. We can catch it in tanks as rain water harvesting, we can catch it in dams, or pump from rivers. Every type of water has contaminants in it, either from the way we catch it, like E-coli and giardia in tank water or it has chemicals added to it such as in mains/town water. Our job is to help you drink healthy water in your home and workplace, and then service the filtration system or water pump in a timely organized manner, so you keep healthy

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Raewyn Dench
New Zealand
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