Ikoi Spa

Ikoi Spa is a one-of-a-kind traditional Japanese spa in Takapuna. Their services range from relaxing spa treatment in Auckland and Japanese massage with their unique Enzyme spa treatment. Find out more about their services through their website.


Ikoi Spa offers a one-of-a-kind experience through their traditional Japanese spa services. Located in the beautiful Takapuna suburb in Auckland's North Shore, ikoi Spa prides itself by using only the finest, high-quality products that exemplify their services. However, what they are truly known for is their Enzyme Spa service, a spa treatment in Auckland that's truly the first of its kind everywhere in New Zealand.

Japanese massage spas have always been characterised by their relaxing services and peaceful ambience. Ikoi Spa offers all of that, and more. Their treatment consists of the Enzyme Spa packaged with standard services like body massage, facial treatments, and more. Most of their clients leave the spa feeling refreshed and reenergised.

Everyone who enters ikoi spa will experience a natural treatment unlike any other. Stressed-out and weary souls will be reinvigorated, refreshed, and revitalized by the tranquil environment and their spa enzyme treatment. There are the Harmony packages, standard services combined with the Enzyme spa to produce a truly unique experience unlike no other. These packages also guarantee detoxification and relaxation, leaving the customer feeling refreshed and youthful.

Enjoy these services and more at ikoi Spa. Try their unique Enzyme spa and discover what truly sets ikoi Spa apart. Book a treatment on their website today!

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Ikoi Spa
New Zealand
Operating hours: Tuesday to Sunday 10am - 8pm

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