Cellfield is a revolutionary reading program that acts as a form of dyslexia treatment designed to counter dyslexia symptoms present in individuals and help them enhance their sensory functions, correcting dyslexia in adults and in children.


Cellfield is a unique and revolutionary reading program designed to help combat dyslexia in adults and children. It is a reading intervention that enhances one’s sensory functions and helps eliminate dyslexia symptoms present in individuals.

Many individuals who suffer from dyslexia or reading difficulties can utilise Cellfield’s reading program as a form of dyslexia treatment. People with poor reading and writing skills, poor recall and memory, language disorders, and eye-tracking problems can also benefit from the program.

The science behind Cellfield reading intervention is based on the principles of brain plasticity, or the brain’s capacity to change when it’s stimulated in the right way. The Cellfield program helps readers rapidly create new neural pathways that facilitate the transition toward becoming faster and more skilled readers.

The 12-week intervention begins with a dyslexia screening that highlights the individual’s strengths and weaknesses. Once the pre-testing is done, the Cellfield sessions can begin. There are two phases in the intervention. Phase one aims to address the root causes of dyslexia and learning difficulties while phase two focuses on reading fluency support. Students come to the centre once a week to maintain the momentum of phase one.

There are numerous benefits to Cellfield Intervention. This includes improved auditory processing speed, improved visual processing speed, bonding auditory and visual functions, increased working memory capacity, improved eye movement control, and improved attention, motivation, and working memory.

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