Confidental Auckland offers a range of general dentistry practices for every patient, as well as Cerec Technology to provide quick new crowns in cases of broken teeth or accidents. They also operate as an emergency dentist for the Auckland area.

Operating as a holistic dental clinic in the Auckland area, Confidental's mission is to spread confident smiles throughout New Zealand.

The clinic offers cosmetic treatments for all ages, which makes them an ideal family dentist. If you struggle with covering your teeth when you smile, or if you're self-conscious about some aspect about your dental health, Confidental offers a judgement-free environment where you can work to create your ideal smile. Their trained specialists offer laser teeth whitening with reduced sensitivity to ensure a painless experience, as well as regular teeth cleanings to keep your hygiene at peak level. They are unparalleled in their approach to being a holistic dentist in Auckland; providing patients with laser extraction and toxicity level assessments prior to any treatment is something they are proud to incorporate into their practice.

At Confidental, you have many options in terms of orthodontic treatment. Professional advice is administered at every turn to ensure the process is flawless, and you can choose between multiple teeth straightening treatments. Metal braces offer a tried-and-true traditional options, while ceramic braces create the same results with a more subtle appearance. Many people balk at the idea of permanent braces, and this is something the professionals working at the clinic understand. They offer non-permanent orthodontic plates as a solution for misaligned teeth as well.

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