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Vape Merchant strives to be a leading vape shop in NZ, and is all about providing quality devices, expert advice, & the best e liquid NZ-wide.The company is constantly aiming to be a leader in vape NZ-wide.

Vape Merchant strives to be a leading vape shop in NZ, and is all about providing quality devices, craft liquids & expert advice.

The company is constantly aiming to go above and beyond with what it can provide our customers. With developments and new technology happening in the vape NZ industry daily, Vape Merchant is always on the pulse with the latest news and products and are dedicated to helping customers find the best devices and e liquid NZ-wide.

Across a range of different products in the Vape Merchant store, there are varying nicotine strengths on offer, and this helps users regulate and monitor their nicotine consumption. Depending on personal preference, customers can vape various strengths of nicotine from 0mg/ml (0%) to 50mg/ml (5%) with Vape Merchant products, allowing customers to manage and control nicotine intake with ease. Vape Merchant focuses on providing choices for customers, as the company knows not everyone is after the same experience when it comes to vaping.

At Vape Merchant, the stock also includes a wide selection of premium flavours. From the original tobacco notes with a hint of sweet that’s found in Phix Original Tobacco, to Ice for a traditional menthol taste, or sweet & cool grape, Vape Merchant has flavours from a variety of suppliers to please every customers palette.

Vape Merchant is a brand customers can trust. The team's extensive experience in the industry allows them to deliver high-quality products at the forefront of vaping technology. Vape Merchant products are reliable because they have been industry tested, and are continually being improved to be ahead of regulatory adaptation.

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