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Charity Tea is the tea that nourishes. As well as nourishing you from the inside out, Charity tea also helps nourish children in New Zealand and overseas. We sell high quality, organic and ethically sourced tea and with the revenue generated we support New Zealand charities; providing a meal with every purchase. We are driven to create a world with zero hunger (not zero appetite), and we are committed to growing people at all stages of our business. We’re a social enterprise business selling organic tea – NZ & imported tea to fight hunger here at home in Aotearoa and in Haiti. Every cup we sell feeds a child in need. Founder of Charity Tea, Gill Bredl is also Director of NZ registered charity Ten18 International which together with a Board of Trustees makes all our charity decisions.

Charity Tea started with a single call from a friend working for a non-profit organisation in Haiti. She told Gill about a baby girl who had been abandoned at the local hospital in Les Cayes, Haiti. 

Unable to forget this call, Gill decided to make this “her problem” and sent money to feed the child for a year. Within a few days, she heard about 6 more hungry children. She learnt that in Haiti many children only had 1 or 2 meals a day. These meals often lacked proper nutrients. More so, she learnt that food was not provided to children in the hospital. Children that were abandoned or had no one to feed them, simply had to go hungry.


She started Ten18 International (, a charity that raises money in New Zealand to support hungry children here at home, and in Haiti. 

To help raise funds for the work of Ten18 International Gill also launched Charity Tea – a luxury brand of loose-leaf organic tea; health-promoting blends that nourish the drinker and nourish hungry children. Revenue from sales of Charity Tea support our charitable purposes.


We currently partner with the Kai Kitchen Trust in New Zealand to support their school lunch programmes, and we partner with Little footprints Big Steps in Haiti to run feeding programmes.

 Statistics suggest that between 25,000-55,000 New Zealand kids go to school without lunch. Hunger affects children’s abilities to learn and access the school curriculum. Every purchase of Charity will provide a school lunch for a child in New Zealand via our partnerships with other NZ charities. We are currently partnering with Kai Kitchen Trust. If you are interested in becoming a charity partner in NZ, please email and tell us about the impact you’re hoping to make. 

 Charity tea exists to make a social, environmental and climate impact.

Bringing value to our customers, and putting people and planet over our profit we believe we can leave a legacy of #zerohunger in the world.


  • ·         Quality ingredients
  • ·         Fair wages for suppliers
  • ·         Luxury premium brand
  • ·         organically grown loose-leaf (no chemicals, dyes or plastics)
  • ·         Elegant and Recyclable packaging    
  • ·         Sustainability
  • ·         Nourishing – optimal health benefits
  • ·         Social innovation and responsibility
  • ·         Strong customer care
  • ·         Abundant life for all



Growing organic tea is better for the soil and better for the people who grow it and produces a premium product. Please check the tea list to find out where your tea is sourced. Drinking organic tea nourishes our bodies rather than filling them with chemicals. Our imported tea is all certified organic and is externally tested for purity. 

Organic tea NZ

Our New Zealand grown herbal tea is organically grown but uncertified. 


Where possible, charity tea commits to using biodegradable, compostable, refillable or recyclable packaging. We are happy to supply extra parts or receive back your tins/packaging. 


Charity tea promotes a reduce waste and reuse culture. Where possible we choose to minimize our waste. If this is not possible, we choose to reuse or recycle. During 2019, we prevented over 10,000 plastic bags ending up in landfill by choosing to have our tins wrapped in tissue paper. 


Charity Tea limited is proud to achieve Climate Positive Business Operations with Ekos. We have measured and offset 120% (at least) of our carbon footprint for all business activity in 2019 with certified carbon credits. We are committed to achieving this for 2020 too.

The carbon credits for Charity Tea’s Business Operations came from the Rarakau Rainforest Conservation project in Southland. Please find more information on this project below.


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