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Brolly Sheets started out as a small home business that grew into a global company providing waterproof bedding, bed wetting alarms, training pants and more providing kids soft and comfy bedding and the whole family, comfort and ease.

What started out as an incident with the founder Diane, changing her daughter’s wet bed and accidentally hitting her head on the top bunk, has grown to become a global company. Brolly sheets was born in November 2005. The family business provides a range of waterproof bedding and more to make the lives of parents a bit easier and allow kids and even the family dog to live and sleep in comfort!

Diane first developed Brolly sheets – a waterproof bedding designed to be peed on. Brolly Sheets is easy to wash, quick-to-dry and available in multiple sizes and design for every kid and every bed. Diane, herself proudly makes the Brolly sheets. She then started selling them at local markets and parents grew interest around her products. It became apparent that fellow parents also wanted to end bedwetting headaches and Diane’s business venture quickly grew from there. It grew rapidly in such a way that they needed to outsource the manufacture of their newfound waterproof bedding. Since then, Brolly Sheets fostered – from their product range to their market reach, and accolades.

On March 2012, the business expanded their operations when they receive their first US orders. Their product range also propagated to cover not just kids’ beddings but also those with special needs and the needs of the elderly. On 2014, Brolly Sheets acquired the local business Snazzipants. Snazzipants provides cloth nappies and training pants designed for toddlers and babies.

More than just bedding, Brolly sheets has a wide range of products that cater to night time training such as bed wetting alarms and toilet training activity kits to day time training such as car seat protectors and wet bags.

In an attempt to waterproof the whole household, Brolly Sheets also launched Billy Beds – a unique easy change and wash dog bed with a waterproof lining to stop the manky dog smell.

At present, Brolly sheets has been in business for over 10 years and continues to innovate for families. To learn more about our products give us a call today.

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