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Plant oils are the base of Skin Essentials, with the purest essential oils, fruit, and flower extracts, our products work to restore skin's natural radiance, rehydrate and reduce the appearance of fine lines and active acne. Natural skincare not only works wonders on your skin, but it also smells amazing too, without the use of synthetic scents which cause inflammation and dryness to the skin.

Skin Essentials founder Kelly was working as a beauty therapist and found her clients constantly looking for less costly, natural skincare products.  

Skin Essentials was born in 2018 after Kelly a busy mum of two and qualified Aromatherapist used her knowledge of essential oils to "make a couple of products for a friend" she was encouraged to make more for other friends from here she began building this powerful skincare range. 

Driven by her passion for natural and effective skincare products, using the best quality, sustainable ingredients.  Kelly is now empowering women to feel confident in their skin, with natural, NZ-made skincare products and routines. 

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