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Ambient Civil is a well-known, privately held building and infrastructure contractor in Auckland. Our primary objective is to ensure that the client's objectives are met and that the project is completed on schedule and in a safe manner. We have a track record of successfully managing and completing projects on time and under budget. You may rest confident that your project is in good hands because of our experience, professionalism, and over 20 years of satisfied customers.

Our demolition services can help you with any current or future demolition projects.

Because each house demolition project is unique, we will give you a free price tailored to your requirements.

Ambient Civil takes on your project with confidence, knowing that it will be completed precisely, reliably, and on schedule, thanks to our high level of ability and experience.

Our team's strong work ethic has won us a reputation for quality, and our services are still in high demand.

Ambient Civil has dealt with a wide range of demolition situations, providing us with the knowledge and experience to keep our clients informed throughout the demolition process. 

Construction of a Retaining Wall. Construction of Retaining Walls - A retaining wall can be constructed in a variety of ways. It is entirely dependent on the type of retaining wall.

Building drainage is more than a suggestion for all structures. Because drainage keeps basement walls dry, it transforms them into living spaces for sports, leisure, and amusement. 

Ambient Civil Asbestos Removal is highly competent and qualified to handle hazardous asbestos removal projects that pose significant health and environmental risks.

Simple cement driveways are long-lasting, appealing, and less expensive than garages and carports. 

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