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Ambient Civil has dealt with a wide range of demolition circumstances, allowing us to keep our clients informed throughout the demolition process. Our staff guarantees that we will satisfy your specific needs and that each project will be completed on time.

The practice of completely or partially removing unneeded structures such as hotels, retail malls, office buildings, and other commercial assets is known as commercial site demolition.

While demolition may appear to be as easy as taking down structures, it takes much thinking and planning.  When it comes to site demolition, safety is important, especially when asbestos cleanup is involved. Commercial demolition varies from residential demolition in that it is carried out on a larger scale, necessitating the use of heavier gear and, in certain cases, explosives. We understand that for most commercial property owners, destruction is the last thing on their minds.  Our crew can safely and rapidly destroy a bustling downtown building or the interior of a large complex in the suburbs, regardless of the space restrictions. Whatever reason you have for deconstructing your business structure, you should use Ambient Civil as your commercial demolition contractor! We've been in the industry for more than 20 years and have decades of expertise. We are totally confident in our ability to meet your requirements within the time limit specified. Reach out to the Ambient Civil team now to start the process of destroying your commercial structure!


If you're looking for a Commercial demolition service in Auckland, call the Ambient Civil team at 09 5295000 to talk about your project or visit

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