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Helena Health offers NZ harvested propolis products and certified manuka honey in NZ to support health and wellbeing. All products are tested & certified and have relevant ratings (MGO and Pro-CAPE).


Helena Health is a premier provider of NZ harvested propolis products and 100% genuine manuka honey in NZ. They bring nature and science together to share the natural and health-giving potential of New Zealand honey and propolis products to customers worldwide.

Inspired by Helena Bay’s history, Helena Health aims to unlock the natural gifts of New Zealand. They believe that their scientific focus is what sets them apart, using science to support and advance health and wellness, testing and verifying the properties of their line of natural products. 

Helena Health offers 100% natural products, with genuine manuka honey and pure New Zealand propolis as hero ingredients. They source all-natural ingredients in New Zealand with their honey produced and collected from the country's bee-hives, located in remote, pristine areas of New Zealand. All products are harvested, packed, tested, and certified in NZ. 

The Helena Health team is passionate about investigating the life-enriching properties of bee products, creating unique and innovative products that are gifted by nature, and proven by science. From propolis liquid and mouth sprays down to manuka honey with high levels of MGO ratings, you can trust that Helena Health products are only made from the best of what nature has to offer.

Become a member of Helena Health. Members enjoy an additional 10% off on all their products. Helena Health offers free shipping on orders over $50. Shop Helena Health products today: https://www.helenahealth.com/

To check our manuka honey mgo, visit the website today!

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