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New roofs, roof replacements, roof repairs, and roof maintenance are all specialities of JP Franklin Roofing. When you come to us, you can rest assured that you will receive quality service and workmanship. To improve the operation of your roof and assure its long-term durability, we also employ the highest-quality materials. Because we dealt with a wide range of demolition circumstances, we were able to keep our clients informed throughout the demolition process. Our staff guarantees that we will fulfil your specific needs and complete each project on time.

One of the most crucial aspects of your company is the roof. It protects the interior of your workplace from weather damage, offers insulation to keep everyone comfortable or cool, and keeps diverse wildlife away. Your business or organisation would swiftly fall apart if you didn't have a decent roof. Despite its importance, the roof is one of the most overlooked aspects of any structure. Most people overlook checking for minor cracks, leaks, and other issues to ensure that it remains in good condition. High wind speeds or heavy rain can quickly damage your roof, causing it to lose part of its tensile strength and resilience to the elements. We expect our roofs to withstand the elements, therefore we seldom inspect them ourselves or hire experienced commercial roofing contractors to do so. Accidents happen, and understanding when your roof has been damaged is crucial to avoid more problems. A professional roofing company will have the required skills to guarantee that your roof looks better than it ever has before. They understand how parts go together and what sort of material is ideal for your roof. Hiring expert commercial roofers assure that you're following the regulations and following local codes without risking an inspection. Contractors stay up to date on any new laws and regulations that the city enacts so that they can do the project correctly the first time.


Roof repairs aren't the quickest construction project on the market, but with the correct information, tools, and skills, you can get the job done as soon as possible. A layer of protection for your property is removed during a roof repair. You risk exposing the interior of your home to the elements depending on how extensive the repair is or if you are replacing your entire roof. If the weather continues to deteriorate, rain may reach the attic, causing more serious problems. Various sections within a roofing firm are in charge of different aspects of the process. Regardless of the circumstances, they accomplish the assignment with the highest efficiency. Their reputation is on the line, so they guarantee a higher level of service and accountability. Most roofing companies offer warranties on roof repair for roofs older than the specified warranty effectiveness. If the roofing company made a mistake during the initial repair, they would cover the costs to have it fixed. Repairing the roof yourself voids any warranties and makes you 100% reliable for the expenses.

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