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Visa Advisers - Immigration Solutions, provides professional immigration advice for individuals and companies, guiding them and their employees on a pathway to residence.

We support companies on:

- The Employer Accreditation process (compulsory in 2021)

- Helping them to hire and support migrant workers

- Advising on good retention strategies of migrant workers

We came from different parts of the world dreaming of New Zealand. We worked here, we became residents, we settled in Aotearoa, and then we became citizens. Then we understood it was time to give something back to others, to help them realize their migration dreams.

Our story is that one of the many working migrants who fight for their dream life every day. We worked hard, we studied even harder, and we decided to help others. We understand how many factors are at stake when it comes to immigration issues. We want to reduce unnecessary stress and uncertainty. We want to put our expertise at your service to help you avoid mistakes and reduce risks in your application.

Immigration advisor chch offer a wide range of services to assist people with legal and illegal immigration. From advising on applications and procedures to helping with Seddon, our team can help you get the best possible deal for your family. We are also passionate about helping New Zealanders find employment and secure visas so that they can live lawfully in the country.

Partner visas in NZ are one of the most common and inquired types of visas in the NZ immigration system. They are a straightforward pathway for migrants to settle or migrate to NZ. If you are in a relationship with an NZ citizen or someone holding an NZ visa, this is an option you should definitely consider.

That being said, it’s important to highlight that there is no such thing as a “partnership visa” in NZ. This catch-all term refers to some visitor, work, or residency visas that are issued based on a relationship. Some partnership-based visas are applied for on their own while others are applied as part of a visa which allows including a partner as a secondary applicant.

The Gate to NZ Residency:

For years the skilled migrant category resident visa (SMC) has been the standard category through which migrants have been able to secure residency in NZ. While there are many other pathways to achieve this, for migrants who are not in the capacity to be eligible through partnership or investment opportunities, the SMC has been the de facto-only pathway for residency.

What is happening?

On July 03 2022 INZ will stop accepting all Essential Skills Work Visa applications and on July 04 will open the Accredited Employer Work Visa.


The Essential Skills Work Visa (ESWV) is the most common and standard form of temporary work visa in NZ. For many migrants, the ESWV is just “the work visa” for which they are eligible. While there are certainly other types of work visas, the ESWV is for many the easiest pathway to stay and work in NZ after a student/visitor/working holiday visa and before being eligible to apply for residency. This is why the announced changes are so important for thousands of people bout in and outside NZ.

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