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We believe throttle lag is a massive issue in the automotive market and we are tired of seeing over priced throttle controllers that make promises that they can not deliver on and also make false statements. We are proud to be able to offer HIKEit Throttle controllers which are far superior than other brands on the market and are very competitively priced for everyone to be able to afford.


Sick of the delay you get when pushing your accelerator pedal?

HIKEIT has a solution to get rid of that ANNOYING THROTTLE LAG!

The HIKEit XS & X9 Throttle Controllers are the most advanced controllers on the market and designed specifically To “wake up” your car by reducing throttle lag and improving the response time from your vehicle’s “fly by wire” accelerator. Best of all, Hikeit Throttle Controllers are a simple Plug & Play installation!


What is a Hikeit Throttle Controller?

The HIKEIT Throttle Controllers are a ‘bite-size’ throttle response controller that removes delays in your electronic accelerator pedal. In short, the Hikeit X9 and Hikeit XS will get a faster response from your engine and therefore you’ll get a modified acceleration depending on the setting you select. 

When you push your car’s pedal it shouldn’t feel like your stomping a sponge; you should get immediate response from your engine which is why we developed the HIKEIT Throttle Controllers.

In addition to Automatic Mode Selection which will intelligently learn your driving style and adapt the mode to suit, the XS and X9 have different control modes: Eco/4×4, Cruise, Sport/Tow, and the Highest Performance modes, HIKEit mode. 

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