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Freeze Tub is a leading online retailer of high-quality Ice Baths. Ice Baths have been known to help speed up recovery from intensive training but also, Ice Baths have been proven to help improve sleep, support the immune system and enhance mood.

Freeze Tub Ice Baths NZ has been the No.1 Rated Ice Bath retailer for over 5 years. Portable Ice Baths, like Freeze Tub Solo have been their best seller with their Ice Bath Pro coming up in 2nd place. 

Ice Baths have been proven to help speed up recovery and enhance the immune system, improve mood, and help with anxiety.

No longer are Ice Baths kept in high-performing sports facilities and physios, you can own your own portable cold plunge tub and receive the health and welling benefits of cold water therapy. 

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Dale Folland
New Zealand
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