Piggie Poo Ltd.

PiggiePoo, where nature's secrets converge with modern skincare. Our passion for natural beauty led us to curate a range of exquisite herbal skincare solutions. With a commitment to purity.


PiggiePoo is a renowned beauty and skincare brand based in the enchanting landscapes of New Zealand. Our story is a journey that weaves the allure of nature and the power of modern skincare into a tapestry of radiant beauty.


At the heart of PiggiePoo lies a deep respect for the bountiful natural resources that New Zealand offers. We believe in the magic of herbs, the purity of botanical ingredients, and the wonders of indigenous flora. These elements form the cornerstone of our commitment to holistic beauty.


Our philosophy centers on the idea that skincare should be a blend of ancient wisdom and modern innovation. The result? Products that not only enhance your natural beauty but also promote healthier, happier skin. We know that the path to glowing skin doesn't come from a single solution but a harmonious, multifaceted approach.


PiggiePoo's catalog is a testament to this ethos. Each product is carefully crafted to harness the unique qualities of New Zealand's herbs.

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