Welcome to the heart of Tirofruit, where a timeless legacy unfolds.


A journey that sprouted decades ago has blossomed into a thriving narrative within the Eastern Bay of Plenty. From modest origins to a prominent player in the kiwifruit industry, Tirofruit has upheld its foundational values while embracing innovation and expansion. Let's delve into our history, celebrating the roots of our fruitful endeavors.

In its nascent years, Tirofruit found its footing in the visionary efforts of founders Ray and Lis Sharp. The seeds they planted in 1995 sprouted into a family-owned and operated kiwifruit enterprise. Ray Sharp, a luminary in the kiwi fruit sector with a rich history on the boards of both Zespri and EastPack, brought invaluable knowledge and extensive experience to the venture.

As Tirofruit flourished, it encountered challenges that were viewed as opportunities for growth. Guided by Ray's leadership, the company navigated the ever-evolving kiwifruit industry landscape with resilience and innovation, strategically focusing on the cultivation of golden kiwifruit due to its increased profitability and high demand.

From the outset, Tirofruit has embraced a "people-first philosophy," placing employees and the local community at the core of its mission. The team is not just a workforce but an integral part of the Tirofruit family, setting the company apart in its ethos.

From inception to continuous cultivation, Tirofruit remains unwavering in its commitment to the land, the community, and its people. As the kiwifruit industry evolves, Tirofruit faces the horizon with optimism and determination. With a dedicated leadership team and a workforce embodying the spirit of family, Tirofruit's legacy is poised to flourish, enriching lives and fostering growth for generations.

Join us on this captivating journey, celebrating the passion, innovation, and people that define Tirofruit—a potent, esteemed brand and a cherished home for those who contribute to our story. Together, we nurture the future, one golden kiwifruit at a time.


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