Vintage Kantha Quilt 7

Approx 2200mm x 1300mm.
Please note that this size is approximate only, some quilts are a bit larger and some are a bit smaller.
100% cotton.
Check all the photos because they are different on each side.
It's very normal for them to be stained or have holes in. Part of the vintage recycled charm♥
These vintage kantha quilts are a thin, double sided cotton quilt hand crafted in Rajasthan. They are made from old saris, scraps of left over textiles and each one is unique. Most of them will have small patches sewn over to patch small holes. They commonly have some loose or uneven stitching and old stains on the fabric. This is all part of the beauty of a handcrafted vintage kantha. Very awesome quilts!!
Use as a bedcover, throw over an old couch, picnic blanket, unique curtains, a totally awesome beach towel, a blanket to pull over yourself while having a Netflix session and plenty of other options.
Only 1 available in this colour. Each one is uniquely beautiful.
Can be machine washed.

NZ$ 79.00 including GST

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