Digital Tachometer

This digital tachometer is small, cost-effective display range is from 5-9999 RPM , it can accurately measure the RPM of the engine and various motors. My picture does not do justice to how clear the digits really are.
This unit works by gluing a small round magnet (supplied) to the rotating mass (flywheel) and attaching a small reed switch (supplied) to pick up the pulses. Mount the reed switch 5 to 25mm from the rotating magnet.

Features & Specifications
• Power requirement: DC 8-24V
• Measure range: 5-9999RPM.
• Clear zero: Automatic,
• Clear zero time: about 10s.the greater the RPM value, the longer the clear zero time.
• Refresh frequency: 0.2-0.5S@120-1200RPM;0.25-0.06S@2­400-9999RPM.
• Measure indication: RPM<5000,±2;RPM>5000,±­3.
• Display: RED 0.56” LED
• Input sign: Magnetic reed switch and magnet (supplied)
• Dimension:72 x 36 x 20 mm,panel cut out Dimension:68 x 33 mm

NZ$ 50.00

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