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  • LED Lenser P14.2
    Our newly updated LED LENSER P14.2 features a 1.5-inch reflector-lens, the heart of our Advanced Focus System™, which sends an incredibly bright and focused light beam far into the distance. A new and powerful CREE® LED chip is powered by four standard AA batteries to produce up to an amazing 350 lumens, and this light also features our patented modular system for quick assembly or maintenance. The all-new P14.2 makes a great hunting, camping, or work light
  • LED Lenser P7.2
    This light is one of the most popular LED flashlights on the market today, and we’ve updated and upgraded both features and technology in our new P7.2 for the best possible light experience. The P7.2 flashlight has simple to remember high/low/off settings, and features the Advanced Focus System™ to quickly cast a far-off spot, or close up spill light for reading. Extremely durable anodized aluminum casing surrounds the four AAA batteries needed to power this impressively bright light, enhanced by a new CREE® LED chip. The all-new P7.2 is the perfect combination of size, power, reliability and easy-to-use operation – great for camping, hunting, hiking, walking the dog, work and more.
  • Led Lenser MT14
    The light illuminates the darkest forest. The battery lasts for the longest camping, hunting or fishing trip. The MT14 also sits particularly well in your hand and the front switch allows it to be easily used with one hand. Charging it via USB 3.0 is also easy. Thanks to its quick charge feature, you save a huge amount of time. Essential Details 1000 Lumens 192 Hours 320 Meters
    LED LENSER’s bestselling torch is now rechargeable! The NEW P7R also pumps out an incredible 1000 lumens – 3 times the light output of the P7.2 torch! Having a rechargeable torch saves you money in the long run with the bonus of being good for the environment. LED LENSER makes recharging easy with their floating magnetic charge system that charges via USB. With the convenient wall mount supplied with the P7R, your torch can be easily recharged and be ready when you are.The handy charging indicator lets you know when your torch is ready to go. Spare rechargeable batteries are also available. The P7R still has all the features that makes the P7.2 so popular such as LED LENSER’s patented Advanced Focus System, plus it also has a Locking Focus. Covered by 5 year warranty. Comes with: Floating Magnetic Charge System - power plug - USB-magnet charger - charging holder belt sheath lanyard lithium-ion battery
  • Led Lenser MT6
    Smart Light Technology This innovation turns a Ledlenser into your personal lighting tool: Using a microcontroller you can program your individual range of functions with different touch and switch combinations. That way you always have the optimal light function on hand. Advanced Focus System Galileo swore by the power of lenses, Newton swore by reflectors. We have simply combined the two technologies - but better than anyone before. The result: Our patented3 Advanced Focus System (AFS), which allows a seamless transition from homogeneous low beam to sharply focused high beam. The efficiency of the AFS even has experts enthralled. Rapid Focus When you focus and defocus a flashlight the reflector moves in relation to the lens. With conventional mechanical systems this happens when you turn the head of the flashlight. Because we found this technology too slow and impractical, we have developed the Rapid Focus: A sliding carriage mechanism with which you can change the light mode in nothing flat - using one hand.
  • LED Lenser P3
    The smallest in the LED Lenser P-series, the P3 produces a bright beam for great lighting of short distances and small areas. The addition of Lenser's Advanced Focus System allows for a quick transition from circular floodlight to a focused longer distance light. Its small size makes it perfect for pocket, purse or gear bag. The P3 is super efficient with a burn life of up to 40 hours from 1 x AAA battery. Comes with a pocket / belt clip and nylon pouch.
  • LED Lenser K1
    This keychain light is the perfect size for your pocket, purse or keys. The K1 LED flashlight has a powerful 16 lumens to keep your trip to the car, home, office, or errand safe and well lit. A quick twist of the bezel is all you need to turn this little LED flashlight on and off.
  • Ledlenser P7QC Quattro Colour
    A unique torch that offers unprecedented lighting performance with 4 different light colour options (red, green, blue and white). All colours offer 3 Smart Light Technology functions. The light colour can be selected by turning the torch head and you can change colours even when the light is on. The 4 different light options offer great versatility: RED LIGHT helps to preserve your night vision as your eyes do not react much to it. GREEN LIGHT makes it easier to observe wildlife or hunt animals as it is almost impossible for animals to see green light so they are not disturbed by it. BLUE LIGHT makes fluids such as blood or sweat appear black, providing a higher contast than in white light so it is easier to recognise. WHITE LIGHT still offers you an impressive 220 lumens of light if needed. Covered by Ledlenser's 5 year warranty. Comes with: belt sheath lanyard 4 x AAA batteries
  • LED Lenser X14
    The X14 features our industry-first X-Lens Technology™- two LEDs focused into one powerful beam. The unique ridged bezel design houses our optimized heat management system that allows us to drive our LEDs harder, producing a powerful 450 lumens on just four AA batteries. The X14 also features the Advanced Focus System with lens/reflector optic for more clean and concentrated light where you need it most. Up close spill or a long-distance beam; the choice is yours.
  • Led Lenser P5R.2
    Rechargeable version of the P5.2, with the addition of Smart Light Technology offering three light functions and locking focus. It is easy to recharge using Ledlenser's unique Floating Magnetic Charge System - simply hang the torch on the magnetic charging cradle until it's needed. There is no need to worry about removing batteries and recharging them separately. Rechargeable torches are not only environmentally friendly, but also save you money in the long run. Covered by Ledlenser's 5 year warranty. Comes with: Floating Charge System (power plug, USB magnetic charger, charging holder) Lanyard Intelligent Clip 1 x lithium-ion 3.7 V battery and a hard moulded carry case

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