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  • Outdoor Outfitters Battery 12V 7AH Rechargeable
    Rechargeable Battery 12V 7AH * 12 Volt 7AH Sealed Battery. * Nice compact size easy to store and carry. * Great for use on rifle mounted spotlights such as a Lightforce and Life Lite. * Theoretically 45min life with 100 watt bulb but up to 3 hours when used intermittently. * Double battery time with 50 watt bulb. Length: 15cm Width: 6.5cm Height: 9.5cm
  • LED Lenser Universal Gun Mounting System
    Led Lenser Gun Adaptor / Torch Clamp - 0362 is for easy mounting of LED Lenser Torches on Weapons. Fits most other torches with the same diameter. Attaches to 21 mm – 25mm Scope or gun barrel. Fits the following torches: Led Lenser P7, T7, B7, M7, MT7, Hokus-Focus, V2, V6, L5, L6, M7R, L7, L7-E, X7R, M8 Note: Torch or pressure switch is not included. Technical Specifications: Material: Nylon Dimensions: L 105 x W 57 x T 32 mm Colour: Black Weight: 97 grams Warranty: 10 Year NZ Importer Warranty

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