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  • Youth Recurve Bow
    2 Fibreglass Arrows with Target Tips Arm Guard with Velcro Straps Adjustable Sight Pin Draw Weight 17-21lbs Draw Length 24" Two-Piece Quiver Age Group - Youth from 10 yrs
  • Man Kung 75 lbs compound bow
    The Man Kung CB75AC 75 lbs compound bow is a powerful archery bow with a adjustable 50-75 lbs draw weight and shoot arrows up to 270 fps. The Man Kung bow is very compact and light weight and has camouflage colors. This bow delivers incredible performance and is a perfect hunting bow. The bow comes with a standard pin sight. Specifications CB75AC compound bow: Draw weight 50 -75 Draw Lenght: Adjustable 26 - 30 inch Arrow speed: 270 FPS 70% Let off Weight: 4.4lb 2.0 kg Length: 35" 88cm Strong carbon or aluminum arrows of 30 inches are recommended. Also included - Quiver - Sights - Release Aid
  • Buffalo River Hawk Recurve Archery Set 12LB
    12LB Draw weight and 24″ Draw length makes this compound bow perfect for the kids Strong and Light Weight, made out of Plastic and PCB Materials. Can be used by Right or Left Handers! 34″ Height 12lb Draw Weight 24″ Draw Length 75 FPS (feet per second) 60% Let Off 34″ Length 26″ and 28″ Wood or Fiberglass Arrows Recommended PACKAGE INCLUDES * Compound Bow * Arrow Rest * Sight Pin * Arrow Pouch * 2 x Fiberglass Arrows
  • Buffalo River Club Compound Archery Set 18LB
    The Club Junior Archery Set 18LB Recurve Bow Buffalo River 18LB Recurve Bow Set With Set Of Arrows (Fiberglass Limb. Plastic Riser) Specs: 18LBS Draw Weight 24" Draw Length 80 FPS 60% LFT Off 44" Length 26" and 28" Wood Or Fiberglass Arrows Recommended Acc: 2x26" Fiberglass Arrows Wrist Guard, Sight Pin, Arrow Rest & Arrow Pouch
  • Buffalo River 55LB Compound Bow
    Easy to set up and shoot! Fiber glass limbs 65% let-off with 3" of draw length adjustments Arrows not included 55LB draw

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