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  • Fire Maple FMS-116 Gas Cooker
    Straight flame and big burner top Easily stored size Straight flame with 64mm Low fuel consumption
  • Fire-Maple X2 Star Cooking System
    The X2 Star outdoor cooking system is suitable for extreme exploration. It is equal to a large volume cup that can hold a standard 230g gas cartridge and cartridge stand and is an efficient gas stove equipped with a piezo-electric lighting system for your convenience. The X2 Star comes with a heat exchange on the bottom of the pot so it can enhance the heat efficiently. It also comes with a heat protection cover to prevent the loss of heat. The fixed lock handle is easy to hold. Suitable for hiking, camp cooking and other extreme outdoor activities Specifications: Open: 254mm x 265mm Folded: 133mm x 205mm Weight: 600g Power: 1500w Load-bearing: 5kg Materials: Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminum & Silicon
  • MSR Wind Boiler Stove System
    Combining award-winning Reactor® technology with the features solo travelers need most, the WindBoiler Stove System is ideal for backcountry adventures and weekend camping alike. Its radiant burner and enclosed, windproof design allow the stove to boil water fast and operate in weather that leaves conventional burners in the cold. The integrated cookware with built-in heat exchanger efficiently transfers heat to the lock-on pot so you can enjoy a quick meal or hot drink after a hike, ride or paddle. The all-in-one system nests inside its pot for easy packing and assembly - leaving more time for you to enjoy your adventure.
  • Kovea Moonwalker Cooker
    The Moonwalker has a double wall pipe, anti-flare system design doubly preventing cumbersome liquefaction. Its foldable legs allow for stability and compact storage. This stove uses a small flame control, making it more lightweight. The gas heating systems directs the gas pipe to pass through the stove, keeping it warm and efficient in colder temperatures.
  • Kovea Portable Stove
    High grade powder colour coating Enamel coated pot supporter Safety designed system detects high pressure and separates the gas canister automatically. Dimensions: 343 x 275 x 85mm (Inner Box) Weight: 2.0kg Ignition: One Touch Piezo Type Fuel: Butane (Nozzle Type Gas Canister) Consumption: 140g/h
  • Kovea Scout Stove
    A stove with windshield under the burner for maximum burner control. Features include foldout pan supports, medium sized burner head, piezo ignition, adjustable flame control and plastic carry case. IGNITION: Electric Piezo GAS CONSUMPTION: 110gm/hr CARTRIDGE: 230gm WEIGHT: 290gm BTU OUTPUT: 5238 STORAGE CASE: Hard Plastic Case Gas Canister NOT included but can be sold separately.
  • Fire Maple 102 Compact FMS Camp Cooker
    This stove is compact and foldable so is ideal for the situations when weight is an issue. Made from aluminium alloy and stainless steel. Easy to light with its piezo ignitor. Toothed legs provide extra stability for your cooking gear Weighs: 132 g Size: Open - 140mm x 86mm Folded - 60.5mm x 86mm Combustion Time: Max output 3050 W
  • Fire Maple Compact FMS 103 Camp Cooker
    Simple design, easy operation & simple maintencance. Foldable legs No piezo operation Specifications: Weighs: 103 g Size: Open - 123mm x 80mm Folded - 70mm x 95.5mm Combustion Time: Max output 3000 W
  • Primus Eta Solo Stove
    The compact and lightweight Primus Eta Solo Stove is ideal for a quick brew on solo or two person trips. It is optimised for heating liquids as fast as possible with its built in windscreen and pot heat exchanger and comes with a cartridge footrest and suspension kit for anywhere use. The electric piezo ignition burner and a gas canister easily pack away inside the 900ml pot for easy packing. Can also be used with other pots and pans using the included detachable pan support.
  • Kiwi Camping Apollo Stove
    A Multi-Fuel stove that operates on white liquid fuel or unleaded gasoline. The fuel tank is integrated for ultimate convenience. Supplied with a service tool and fabric pouch. Packed Size: 170mm x 145mm Ignition: Manual Fuel Consumption: 153g/h Output: 7,220 BTU Pan Support Span: 18.5cm Fuel: White liquid fuel or unleaded gasoline Fuel Tank Volume: 450ml Weight: 510g Storage: Fabric Pouch

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