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  • Mini Logpile Puzzle
    Skill Level: Medium Object: Dismantle and reassemble without using force. A smaller version of "Trauma Series - Log Pile" Made In New Zealand from Native Tawa or Beech Size: 62mm x 62mm x 62mm
  • The Cell
    Skill Level: Hard Object: To take apart and reassemble without using force. This puzzle requires perseverance as all the pieces are exactly the same! Number of Pieces: 12 Hand made in New Zealand from native Beech.
  • Balancing Koalas - Natural (G)
    (GIFT BOXED) BA1004G
  • Balancing Penguins - Colour (G)
  • Puzzle Dice
    Skill Level: Medium Object: Dismantle and reassemble so that opposite sides add up to 7. Hand made in New Zealand from Tawa, Beech or Rimu Size: 62mm x 62mm x 62mm
  • Ice-cream Without a Freezer
    Perform a Fair Test to investigate freezing point depression (not as scary as it sounds) and find out how to make ice-cream without a freezer! To perform the fair test you will need access to a freezer. The other experiment and making your own ice cream can be done using a bag of party ice from the shops. You do need to supply the ice cream ingredients, that way you can choose the flavour. Once you have the science knowledge you can take enough ingredients down to the beach or the park and make ice cream al fresco.
  • Balancing Elephants - Colour (G)
  • The Kiwi Puzzle
    This is a fun wire puzzle. The idea is to remove the D shackle from the Kiwi without using force. Once you work out how you will kick yourself! Ages 8 - adult Made in New Zealand from Nickle Plated wire.
  • Love Heart Puzzle
    A favourite for Valentines! Skill Level: Medium Object: Free the Heart from the puzzle. Made in New Zealand from Tawa or Beech. Gold coloured heart. Size: 145mm x 85mm x 85mm
  • Can you believe your eyes?
    Discover more about how your eyes work with this kit. Find your blind spot, see a range of different coloured ghost fish and see a hole in your own hand! This is human physiology where you are the guinea pig.
  • Balancing Elephants - Natural (G)
    (GIFT BOXED) BA1002G
  • JASK - Strategy Game
    JASK is the Dynamic, fun-filled and fast moving Board Game, combining both Knowledge and Strategy. Have fun and enjoy!
  • Blue Goo Polymer
    Change the physical characteristics of an ordinary substance (glue) and make them extraordinary. In this experiment you use chemistry to change the glue into a handful of Blue Goo with unique properties. Go on to test the unusual properties of your Blue Goo. Then try cramming your Blue Goo into the container and listen to the results – you’ve created a fart noise maker!
  • Octo Puzzle & Game
    A very difficult puzzle, made from Native NZ timbers including Rimu, Rewarewa, Tawa, Beech
    Strong and Durable Construction Bricks made from Cardboard. Encourage co-operative play for children 18 months to 8 years old (unlike smaller block systems which tend to be played with individually) Enable kids to build things big enough to play in, climb on or ride on Provide a safe and satisfying outlet for both constructive and destructive urges; great fun to knock down! Makes indoor play expansive, great for wet weather etc. Easy to tidy up and hard to loose! Made of corrugated cardboard with a plastic laminated surface About the size of a shoe box when assembled. (300 x 150 x 75 mm) Light, Safe, and very strong Comes as a pack of 25. Assembly required. AVAILABLE SOON. Forward orders only. No payments will be processed until goods are dispatched.
  • Slim Balancing Kiwis - Natural
    SBA1001 NOTE: This is Natural NOT Coloured SMALLER and THINNER than the standard BALANCING ANIMALS
  • Mystery Maze
    Skill Level: Low There is small ball lost inside the maze. You can't see it but you can hear it! Can you get the ball out? Follow the maze in your mind and work out this puzzle. Hand made in New Zealand from native Tawa, Beech or Rimu. This makes a great corporate gift and can be printed with your logo or message.
  • Rocketry
    This kit contains one rocket and enough dry fuel for 12 to 15 launches. Follow the instruction to launch your rocket over three meters into the air. Next test different dry to wet fuel ratios to get your most successful launch. STAND BACK - this is definitely an outside experiment!
  • Soma Cube
    Hundreds of ways to make a Cube, and other patterns. Made from Rimu.
  • Mind-blowing Milk - Classroom Kit
    The first lesson introduces your students to the use of a plastic pipette, how and why a pipette works and gives your students some pipette practice. Kids love the fact they are using a REAL piece of scientific equipment. The second lesson teaches the Mind-blowing Milk experiment from which your students will come up with lots of experiments they want to try. This kit introduces the idea of a Fair Test and so is great for group work. And with a with a 'Warning Science Content' section you will be set to explain this molecular biology kit to your class.
  • Locked Cross
    Similar to the Double Cross. (Timbers used may vary from picture shown)
  • Pillar and Ring Puzzle
    Skill Level: Medium Object: To remove the wooden ring from the puzzle Made in New Zealand from Native Tawa, Beech and/or Rimu Attractively packaged Size: 145mm H, 85mm W, 85mm D
  • Tangram
    A mathematical puzzle. Make hundreds of different shapes. Made from Native & Exotic Timbers
  • Loop Ring Puzzle
    Skill Level: Difficult Object: To remove the cord from all the rings. Made in New Zealand from Native Tawa, Beech or Rimu Size: 80mm H, 165mm W, 50mm D
  • Solitaire
    Made in NZ from Native Rimu, with Radiata pegs. The object is to remove the centre peg, then hop over an adjacent peg landing in the empty space. After each hop remove the piece hopped over. Continue until only one peg remains in the centre. To beat this the last peg MUST be in the centre.
  • Halo - Teaser Series
    One of my favourites. The challenge is to remove the cord from all the rings and then replace it. It takes patience and logic. Ages 8 - Adult Made in New Zealand using Native timbers
  • Crystal Enigma - Challenger Series
    A very difficult puzzle with 51 pieces for ages 8 to adult. Taking it apart is easy, putting it back together is another thing. Made in New Zealand from Native Timbers
  • Balancing Sheep - Natural (G)
    (GIFT BOXED) BA1009G
  • Satellite - Challenger Series
    A very challenging puzze with 15 pieces. Find the key to this one. For ages 8 - adult Made in New Zealand from Native Timbers
  • Big Bubble Wand
    Use your Big Bubble Wand for hours of fun making enormous bubbles. As well as a Big Bubble Wand the kit contains instructions and a recipe for the best bubble mixture ever. A year 5/6 class from Waikanae School helped me develop this recipe. There are also hints and tips to help you make giant bubbles and enough wetting agent to make 10 liters of bubble mixture. You just need to add 750 mL of good quality washing up liquid and 10 liters of water.
  • Cartesian Diver - The Battery-less Video Game
    Use this ‘battery-less video’ game to improve you hand eye co-ordination as well as learning about science. The kit contains a diver and some treasure, with instructions so you can set them up in a bottle of water. Once the bottle is set up correctly you can send your diver down to rescue the treasure. The science behind this neat toy is compressible and non-compressible fluids. Use this cool gadget as a science fair project, try devising an experiment to test the question ‘do people get better with practice?’ Note - small children or those with limited arm strength find it hard to squeeze the bottle with enough force to make the diver dive.
  • Balancing Apes - Natural (G)
    (GIFT BOXED) BA1005G
  • Balancing Whales - Colour (G)
  • String Ring
    Skill Level: Low These make excellent corporate gifts! Object: To remove the ring without using force. Hand made in New Zealand from native Rimu, Tawa or Beech.
  • Muster 8 Sheep Puzzle/Game
  • Balancing Apes -  Colour (G)
  • Slim Balancing Kiwis - Colour
    SCBA1001 SMALLER and THINNER than the standard BALANCING ANIMALS
  • Muster 8 Kiwi Puzzle/Game
  • Make your own Slime
    Make your slime and eat it - IF YOU DARE! Makes a fantastic "Fear Factor" challenge for group events or parties. For a Science Fair or in the classroom combine Science with Maths. Use the ratio of water to slime powder (not cornflour) to make up different consistencies of slime, from almost solid to runs through your fingers. The water and slime powder need to be heated to make the slime so adult supervision is essential with this experiment.
  • Air on the Move
    These experiments demonstrate Bernoulli’s Principle, that’s the physics principle that keeps aeroplanes in the sky. Amaze your friends by blowing up a 240 cm long balloon with one breath! The kit also contains several paper experiments so is great for classroom teaching too. Each kit has one giant balloon in red, yellow or green: Specify colour on ordering or take pot luck.

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