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  • Rope birdbath $110
    Height 56 cm, width 41 cm.
  • Coprosma 'Karo Red'
    A brilliant New Zealand bred variety forming a compact shrub with very shiny leaves of the darkest red. Excellent evergreen foliage which clips well to form a neat low hedge. Also makes a very attractive contrasting specimen in the garden. Half hardy. Grows to H 1.5m x W 1.5m.
  • Small 4 koru $60
    Height 36 cm, width 20 cm.
  • Boy reading $35
    Height 30 cm, width 16 cm.
  • Bent neck lizard $30
    Height 22 cm, length 30 cm, width 11 cm.
  • Hook on column $260
    Height 98 cm, width 49 cm.
  • Basil 'Dark Opal'
    The deep purple glossy leaves of Opal basil are egg-shaped and sparsely toothed along the edges. The hybrid basil variety has a stronger spicy, anise flavor than the common green sweet basil. Opal basil leaves make aromatic herbed vinegars or oils. Make a purple pesto or use the leaves as a garnish for salads or pizza. Opal basil can replace green varieties in caprese salads. This purple basil can be used fresh or dry; it can also be frozen for future use or used to infuse oil. Opal basil can lend flavor and color to many culinary pairings, including Thai, Vietnamese, and Italian.
  • Grape pot 1 $110
    Height 44 cm, width 30 cm.
  • Medium triple koru $60
    Height 37 cm, width 26 cm.
  • Three koru $140
    Height 61 cm, width 38 cm.
  • Koru and fern $110
    Height 59 cm, width 39 cm.
  • Small fancy koru $40
    Height 22 cm, width 18 cm.
  • Bulbine fructescens
    Common names: snake flower, cat's tail, burn jelly plant. It is a fast growing, branched, succulent perennial with fleshy, linear green leaves in opposite rows and clasping the stems at the base. It forms spreading clumps with greyish stems often bearing adventitious roots. The small 6-petaled star shaped flowers are carried on an upright, spreading raceme during spring (or occasionally at other times). The petals are either yellow or sometimes orange, which combines attractively with the fluffy yellow stamens to give a bi-coloured look. The fruit is a small, rounded capsule and contains black seeds which are dispersed by wind.
  • Lamb $25
    Height 19 cm, length 29 cm.
  • Curved garden seat $199
    Height 38 cm, width 34 cm, length 101 cm.
  • Chocolate mint
    Chocolate mint leaves have a delightful minty chocolate flavor, much like the classic Girl Scout cookie. Stems tend to run rampantly over—and under—soil. In small garden spaces, it’s best to tuck chocolate mint into a pot to curtail its wandering ways. Chocolate mint thrives alongside water gardens or in damp spots in the yard. Lushest growth occurs in moist soil in partial shade. Crush fresh leaves into water for a refreshing beverage, or add to tea or coffee. You can also dry leaves for flavoring desserts, like ice cream, meringues, quick breads, or cakes. Pick leaves frequently. Plants open lavender blooms in late summer. Tolerates light frost.
  • Triple ring $90
    Height 53 cm, width 21 cm.
  • Dog with his leg up $30
    Height 16 cm, length 23 cm.
  • Boy on fish $60
    Height 45 cm, width 16 cm.
  • Triple twist on koru column $319
  • Large pelican $40
    Height 33 cm.
  • Girl pedestal $110
    Height 64 cm.
  • Crassula multicava
    Crassulas are often small, curiously formed plants that are favourites for succulent collectors. Crassula multicava is one of those plants that can be used for almost all purposes and this is without a doubt why it has become such an important garden plant throughout South Africa as well as in other countries. There are not many shade-loving succulents that create as beautiful a display as C. multivava. The uniformity, compactness and neat, low-growing appearance of this plant is much enjoyed by the gardener and landscaper alike. The plants are also very long lived and respond well to pruning when overgrown. C. multicava is a moderate to fast-growing, mat-forming, evergreen groundcover up to ± 300 mm, that produces an outstanding uniform effect when planted in masses. As with all members of the genus, the glossy, oval to round leaves are formed in opposite pairs. They are light to dark green depending on the position in the garden, darker in the shade and paler in semi-shade to su
  • Poodle $25
    Height 17 cm, length 23 cm.
  • Classic koru $110
    Height 58 cm, width 23 cm.
  • Composite column $130
    Height 73 cm, width 22 cm.
  • A pair of  large doves $60
    Height 17 cm, length 20 cm.
  • Bath lady 2 $130
    Height 80 cm.
  • Kalanchoe
    Kalanchoe is a very hardy succulent plant suitable for indoor and mild outdoor growing. Kalanchoes prefer drier environments which makes them an easy care plant. They dislike humid environments. Remove spent flowers regularly, and your Kalanchoe will probably re-bloom again in 6-8 weeks. In the garden, your Flaming Katy will need protection from hot afternoon sun.
  • Figures column $90
    Height 76 cm, width 22 cm.
  • Half dog $40
    Height 22 cm, length 25 cm.
  • Gardenia veitchii 8L
    Gardenia veitchii is an ever-blooming gardenia cultivar characterized by a low, mounding habit, evergreen leaves and sweetly fragrant flowers, which bloom throughout the spring and summer. Due to its short stature and compact habit, ever-blooming gardenia is a common choice for containers. Like other gardenia varieties, ever-blooming gardenia needs some attention to keep it in tip top condition and therefore is a reasonably high-maintenance plant.
  • Labrador $30
    Height 23 cm.
  • Country boy standing $75
    Height 56 cm.
  • Griselinia littoralis Ardmore Green PB 40
    Native. This is a fabulous evergreen shrub that really comes into its own when used as a hedge. Gorgeous green polished leathery leaves, a tidy well groomed appearance and a tolerance for just about any conditions including coastal make this an invaluable landscaping plant. Clips well. A dark green smaller leaf Griselinia with a compact tight habit. Easier to keep as a low formal hedge as slower growing than Griselinia littoralis Broadway Mint.
  • Fish hook $140
    Height 62 cm, width 34 cm.
  • Country girl standing $75
    Height 53 cm.
  • Lavender dentata 'Monet'
    Lavender dentata 'Monet' The Purple French Lavender ' Monet' has greener foliage than the commonly grown form Lavandula dentata candicans with darker flower color. It grows to approximatly 1m x 1m in ideal conditions. 'Monet' requires full sun, very good drainage and plenty of air movement. H1mx W1m'Monet' looks good in a tub on the patio or as a specimen plant in an open position. It also makes a good hedge provided there is plenty or air movement. The flowers can be cut and used fresh as a posie or dried in handicrafts.
  • Gargoyle $75
    Height 38 cm, width 22 cm.
  • Lizard $35
    Height 8 cm, length 46 cm.

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