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  • NKJV Charles Stanley Life Principles Study Bible, Hard Cover
    <span style="font-family:times new roman,times,serif;"><span style="font-size: 12px; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"><strong>The Charles F. Stanley Life Principles Bible</strong> is designed to lead believers into a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ and into growth and maturity. The Bible is built around thirty life principles that Dr. Stanley has gleaned from the Word through his years of Bible teaching and pastoral ministry.</span></span><br>
  • NKJV Children's Ministry Resource Bible, Hardcover
    This exciting resource also includes a teacher training section, a pronunciation dictionary, and the Wordless Book--an effective tool for helping a child understand salvation and the forgiveness of sin.
  • Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia, Hebrew Edition, Hardcover
    <b>Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia (BHS)</b> is known to be the definitive edition of the Hebrew Bible. It is widely regarded as a reliable edition of the Hebrew and Aramaic scriptures and is the most widely used original-language edition among scholars.
  • MacArthur Study Bible NKJV, Large Print (Revised, Updated)
    From the moment you pick it up, you'll know it's a classic. Featuring the word-for-word accuracy of the New King James Version, The MacArthur Study Bible is perfect for serious study.
  • NLT Premium Thinline Bible, Personal Size Imitation Leather
    <span class="text">The Premium Value line of NLT Bibles delivers top quality at a great price, featuring the new and exclusive Life Application Life Topics Index and the One Year Reading Plan. The Bible's deluxe, long-lasting LeatherLike cover with fine Bible paper, gilded edges, a Smyth-sewn binding, ribbon marker, maps, and a presentation page make it perfect for personal use or gift-giving.</span>
  • NIV Large Print Pew Bible, Hard Cover
    This large print NIV Church Bible is ideal as a quality pew Bible, but is also perfect for home study or for your church.
  • Gift and Award Bible-NIV
    This burgundy leather-like NIV Gift and Award Bible is economically priced to make it the perfect gift for promotions, confirmations, and special achievements. This Bible features a two-column, red-letter interior, along with a presentation page for gift giving, maps, and other Bible helps.
  • NLT Life Application Study Bible, Personal Size, Paperback
    <span style="font-size:12px;">One of today's best-selling study Bibles--the Life Application Study Bible--has been updated and expanded. Over 300 new Life Application notes, nearly 350 note revisions, 16 new personality profiles, updated charts, and a Christian Worker's Resource make this best-seller better than ever.</span>
  • NLT Life Study Bible, Hard Cover
    A revolutionary breakthrough in study Bibles Created by a dream team of todays top Bible scholars. The NLT Study Bible takes you beyond historical context and application to a life-changing discovery of the deep meaning of each passage in Scripture. Experience the NLT Study Bible . . . The Truth Made CLEAR.<br>
  • NIV Life Application Study Bible, Bonded Leather Black
    "The Life Application Study Bible is a great step forward in helping Christians apply the Bible's life-changing message in their own lives."
  • NLT Bible Three Story Softcover
    The Three-Story Bible, based on Youth for Christ's Three-Story discipleship program, encourages Christian teenagers to better understand how God's story overlaps with the story of their life and the lives of their friends, resulting in deeper fellowship with each other and with God. It's filled with 500 Connection Point Questions that inspire teens to read the Bible more closely and think about its application to their lives more carefully. Over 150 "Then & Now" features weave together the stories of young people today with Scripture in ways that equip teens to talk more openly about God and build deeper, more genuine relationships with each other.
  • Amplified Pocket -Thin New Testament
    The unique system of punctuation, italics, and references from the Amplified Bible, in a pocket-size New Testament edition.
  • CEV Economy Bible Blue (Outreach Edition), Paperback
    Outreach Bible containing a mini dictionary, maps, book introductions and outlines, guides to reading the Bible, readings for special days, and famous passages in the Bible.
  • Abundant Life New Testament-Nlt
    The Abundant Life Bible offers readers insights about living the abundant life through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Topics such as joy, peace, dealing with life's tough issues, and more offer practical guidance for daily life. The Abundant Life Bible is value priced--perfect for gift giving.
  • NKJV Life Application Study Bible, Hard Cover
    <span style="font-size:12px;">This best-selling Study Bible is now available in the New King James Version.It contains over 10,000 Life Application Notes to help readers apply the truths of God's Word to everyday life.</span><br>
  • Hands-On Bible-NLT-Children (Updated)
    Jesus taught with hands-on lessons and illustrations. The Hands-On Bible uses the same experience-based learning to communicate God's Word in an active, understandable way. This new edition features updated tip-ins, a more portable size for kids, an attractive cover, and online parenting helps. With hundreds of fun, memorable activities (A "Do-It" activity in EVERY feature!) and the full New Living Translation text, the Hands-On Bible is packed with activities and experiences that invite kids to crawl inside the Scriptures and "do" God's Word!
  • The CEV Big Rescue Bible Revised, Hardcover
    This exciting Bible features the full text of the easy-to-read Contemporary English Version, plus fabulous colour cartoon illustrations of 20 stories to stimulate the imaginations of young readers. It's loaded with helps that make Scripture fun and accessible for ages 6-10.
  • NKJV Charles Stanley Life Principles Daily Bible, Hard Cover
    <span style="font-size:12px;">The text of this New King James Version(R) (NKJV) Bible is arranged in 365 portions, each including devotional insights derived from Dr. Stanley's Life Principles Bible. The full text of the Bible is broken into daily readings so you can read the Bible in a year. The daily 15-minute readings consist of a passage from the Old Testament, readings from Psalms and Proverbs, and a New Testament passage.</span><br>
  • ESV Bible Economy Paperback
    With the ESV Economy Bible it's easier than ever to impact lives through the distribution of the Bible. The most affordable Bible on the market, the Economy Bible features the clear English Standard Version text, making it compelling and readable to those receiving a Bible for the first time.
  • ESV Single Column Journaling Bible Hardcover
    <p><span class="text"><strong>The ESV Single Column Journaling Bible</strong> is a complete redesign of the original Journaling Bible. The Bible text is laid out in an easy-to-follow, single-column format. Ruled lines in the extra-wide margins match up with each line of Bible text, enabling users to more easily align their notes with specific verses. </span></p>
  • Premium Value Slimline Bible-NLT-Large Print
    The Premium Value line of NLT Bibles delivers top quality at a great price, featuring the exclusive Life Application Life Topics Index and the One Year Reading Plan. The Bible's durable Smyth-sewn lay-flat softcover binding, large-print text, and fine Bible paper make it perfect for personal use or gift-giving. The New Living Translation is an authoritative Bible translation, rendered faithfully into today's English from the ancient texts by 90 leading Bible scholars. The NLT's scholarship and clarity breathe life into even the most difficult-to-understand Bible passages--but even more important are stories of how people's lives are changing as the words speak directly to their hearts.
  • The ESV Study Bible Hard Cover
    The ESV Study Bible was created to help people understand the Bible in a deeper way - to understand the timeless truth of God's Word as a powerful, compelling, life-changing reality. To accomplish this, the ESV Study Bible combines the best and most recent evangelical Christian scholarship with the highly regarded ESV Bible text. The result is the most comprehensive study Bible ever published - with 2,752 pages of extensive, accessible Bible resources. deeper way.
  • NIV, Value Thinline Bible, Imitation Leather, Brown (Special)
    This highly affordable edition includes exclusive Zondervan NIV Comfort Print typeface, black letter text, a quality cover, and presentation page, all in the portable thinline format that is less than one inch thick.
  • NKJV Study Bible Full Color, Personal Size Hard Cover
    The NKJV Study Bible is the most comprehensive study Bible available, now in a full-color edition with added features! The acclaimed NKJV Study Bible is the most complete study system for all who desire accurate study in God's Word. Ships in 10 - 14 days
  • NLT Life Application Study Bible, Large Print, Hard Cover
    <span style="font-size:12px;">Today's #1-selling study Bible--The Life Application Study Bible--is now available in multiple large-print bindings. The Life Application Study Bible is updated and expanded with over 300 new Life Application notes, nearly 350 note revisions, 16 new personality profiles, updated charts, and a Christian Worker's Resource.</span>
  • KJV Thompson Chain Reference Bible, Bonded Leather Blue
    For years the unique Thompson Chain-Reference system has been a favorite study tool, and for good reason. Easy to learn and use, the Thompson Chain-Reference system contains over 100,000 topical references in over 8,000 chain topics, helping to make in-depth topical study and lesson preparation easier and more efficient. The Thompson Chain is also known for its excellent archaeological supplement and extensive collection of charts, diagrams, and other illustrations.
  • CEV Giant Print Easy Reading Bible, Soft Cover
    The CEV Giant Print Bible is a generous, easy to read, 14-point type makes it an especially affordable Bible for the visually impaired, or for those who just want a relaxed read.
  • NLT Slimline Reference Bible, Compact TuTone Brown/Tan
    <span class="text">This <strong>Compact Slimline Reference Bible</strong>, now available with full center-column references, features a portable size in a stylish TuTone design for today's on-the-go lifestyle. Classic reference features include a dictionary/concordance, full-color maps, a ribbon marker, and gilded edges.</span>
  • Aetherlight Bible-NLT: Chronicles of the Resistance ( Aetherlight: Full Size )
    The Aetherlight Bible is a companion Bible to the online action-adventure video game The Aetherlight: Chronicles of the Resistance. This one-of-a-kind Bible connects players of the game to the Scriptures in a way that feels natural and invites preteens to dig deeper into the biblical story. More than 50 full-color tip-ins with images from the game, placed throughout the Bible, will unpack for readers the allegorical connections between the game's characters and their biblical counterparts. Bible features are aimed at reigniting teens' imaginations and interest in Scripture through a truly swashbuckling steampunk retelling of the scriptural narrative. Teens will learn to connect the dots between characters they are familiar with from the game and prominent figures and storylines of the Bible. The world of Aethasia is colorful and quirky, and this Bible will carry the same steampunk flair that characterizes the game. The New Living Translation breathes life into even the most difficult-to-understand Bible passages, changing people's lives as the words speak directly to their hearts.
  • Maori Gospel of Luke, Paperback
    Published to coincide with the 200th anniversary of the arrival of the Bible on New Zealand soil, this special edition features the 1952 translation of Luke alongside two brand new sample Maori translations of Luke for comparison.
  • NIV Quest Study Bible - The Question and Answer Bible
    <b>The NIV Quest Study Bible</b>, answers thousands of the most commonly asked questions  based on extensive research of Bible readers. The editors of Christianity Today International, along with over 100 respected Bible scholars and pastors, have developed this engaging and straightforward study Bible to guide readers in their search to understand the Scriptures.
  • NKJV Life Application Study Bible, Bonded Leather Thumb Indexed
    <span style="font-size:12px;">This best-selling Study Bible is now available in the New King James Version.It contains over 10,000 Life Application Notes to help readers apply the truths of God's Word to everyday life.</span><br>
  • ESV Bible Youth Hardcover
    The new ESV Youth Bible helps open up God's message to us in today's world. It incorporates a reading plan to help get you started, a clear storyline of the Bible, as well as help sections on topics such as forgiveness, justice and freedom. Experience love stories, epic adventures, superhuman deeds and more with this compact edition, ideal for personal reading and devotion or as a gift for outreach programs. ESV - the Youth Bible you can trust.
  • NKJV Study Bible for Kids, Hard Cover
    The <strong>NKJV Kids Study Bible</strong> is the premier study Bible for children 8 to 12 in the trusted New King James Version - and in full-color! Not only is this a Bible for study of biblical facts and themes, it also includes articles that are topical, and truly applicable to a child’s daily life!
  • NIV Chinese English Blue Compact PU With Zipped
    <b>CHINESE/ENGLISH BIBLE</b> - Bilingual edition. Today's Chinese Version and Good News Translation(Today's English Version) English text.
  • Dake Annotated Reference Bible KJV, Large Note, Bonded Leather
    The Dake Bible is the ultimate tool to help you truly understand Scriptures. No other Study Bible gives you as much information in a single volume. This large print edition makes reading a lot easier.
  • CEV Bible NZ Edition Hardcover, Fern Design
    <span id="ctl00_ctl00_MainContentPlaceHolder_ContentPanePlaceHolder_Description">The all-new NZ edition of the popular Contemporary English Version Bible translation. It has a New Zealand themed cover which was chosen by children because it reminded them of New Zealand’s natural environment and because it seemed special.</span>
  • NLT Life Illustrated Study Bible Imitation Leather
    <span class="text">The <strong>"Illustrated Study Bible"</strong> brings Scripture's message to life by giving readers an entirely new visual study experience. Hundreds of information-rich windows to the Bible world instantly communicate foundational truths and complex information in an understandable, compelling way for today's visual generation.</span>
  • NKJV Study Bible Full Color Imitation Leather
    <span class="text"><strong>The NKJV Study Bible</strong> is the most comprehensive study Bible available, now in a full-color edition with added features! The acclaimed NKJV Study Bible is the most complete study system for all who desire accurate study in God s Word.</span>

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