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  • First Aid Kit for 26-50 people - Refill
    •Refill kit for 26-50 people first aid kits
  • Bamboo Toilet Rolls 2ply 300sh - Ecoroll
    Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper - FSC 100%. Ecoroll is plastic-free. 48 rolls in a box Cashmere-soft, 2-ply sheets 300 sheets per roll Individually wrapped in a collection of prints Six prints in each box Plastic-free, tree-free TP
  • String Fresh Produce Bags – set of 2 - Ecobags
    Pack of 2x reusable certified Organic Produce Bags replace the single use plastic bags that you use when buying fruit and veggies. Simply fill these lightweight reusable produce bags. Keep them along with your reusable grocery bags when shopping for fresh produce. Perfect to take to the supermarket or local farmers markets and they work well for other uses around the kitchen and home. Our String Fresh Produce Bags are made from sustainable, certified organic and unbleached cotton. Organic certification is issued by The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain. Pack 2 bags
  • Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner RTU 9 x 1Litre - Enzyme Wizard
    Enzyme Wizard Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner is an all-natural, multi-enzyme formula designed to attack and loosen tough stains and dirt on the carpet. Works to destroy all organic matter, not just lift the top layer of soil and dirt. Rapid penetrating action which gets deep down into the fibres of the carpet to loosen the debris. Eliminates odours in the carpet by getting to the source. Enhanced Formula – allows odour and stain removal without damaging fibres. Removes a wide range of difficult organic stains, including blood, pet, urine and grease. RECOMMENDED USES: Restaurants Commercial Industrial DIRECTIONS: Ready to Use. Pour or spray Enzyme Wizard Carpet Spot Cleaner directly onto the stain. Let set for 2-5 minutes. Re-spray area and wipe clean. Most stains will be removed with a single application of Enzyme Wizard Carpet Spot Cleaner. On tougher stains, you may have to repeat the process. Before cleaning: test a hidden section of carpet for colour fastness. DO NOT MIX WITH OTHER CLEANING PRODUCTS OR CHEMICALS STORAGE: Store at room temperatures. TECHNICAL DATA: pH Neutral Bio-degradable Non-Flammable Non-Corrosive Non-Caustic Carton 9 x 1 Litre Ready to Use Spot Cleaner
  • Bottle 1100ml
    WE HAVE SOME STOCK - TALK TO US ABOUT YOUR REQUIREMENTS 1100ml bottle. Empty. For use with trigger sprays - see links below. Colour: Natural Neck Size: 28/400 Material: HDPE • Trigger bottles are calabrated making for quick and accurate measurements. • Robust HDPE helps eliminate paneling. • Designed for commercial applications with comfort in mind. 28/400 neck size.
  • Powerform S6 Nitrile Gloves Industrial Teal Biodegradable - SW
    Nitrile Industrial Gloves The POWERFORM S6 nitrile industrial glove was designed as the go-to solution for 6 mil hand protection. Featuring a design that ensures the fingers and palm are the right mix of durability and sensitivity for fine detail work and dependable durability, SW’s MilTek production process allows not only strong, high-dexterity performance but also ensures a tear-resistant cuff that makes donning and doffing a breeze. Recognizing that the lab environment is sensitive to chemicals sometimes left behind in the manfuacturing of lesser gloves, SW has developed TouchTek which provides cleaner gloves and minimizes contaminates that can compromise work or add extra steps to preparation. The POWERFORM S6 is Dermatalogically Approved by the Skin Health Alliance and has met stringent standards that ensure skin safety. TouchTek™ On the outside, TouchTek technology reduces the contamination of sensitive materials and workspaces. On the inside, TouchTek reduces the chemicals that can be absorbed through the skin, leading to irritation or painful reactions. MilTek™ A technology that delivers a more consistent thickness across the entire glove, minimizing the differences from finger to palm and from palm to cuff. EcoTek™ Long term landfill biodegradation testing according to ATSM D5526-12 reported 95.6% biodegradation of gloves with EcoTek™ in only 945 days. Powderfree. • 7.4% is broken down as organic matter/material that are non-toxic to the environment. When testing a product for biodegradation, the test method measures the conversion of material to gas (CO²), once the conversion plateaus the material has been considered to “fully biodegraded” The remaining portion of the glove that did not biodegrade is already the organic material that is non-toxic. Sizes available: Small - SM N200362 Medium - SM N200363 Large - SM N200364 XL - SM N200365 2XL- SM N200366 FREIGHT CHARGES - This product is shipped direct from Australia. Can be mixed sizes of full cartons... 1 x carton $56.00 2 x cartons $112.00 3 x cartons freight free To purchase more than one carton please contact us to calculate the freight costs. ALLOW 4-5 WORKING DAYS FOR DELIVERY. Carton holds 10 x boxes of 100 (1000)
  • Vinyl gloves - Powder Free - Med-X
    Vinyl disposable gloves, unpowdered. Medical, Industrial and Food safe. Sizes: Large - FB 05012L XL - FB 05012XL Carton 1000 gloves (10 boxes of 100)
  • Hand Sanitiser Spray - 50ml portable - D-Germ
    Alcohol free and fragrance free hand sanitiser. Kills 99.99% of germs gently and effectively. 50ml portable bottle available in spray dispensing option. Over 120 applications per 50ml bottle.
  • Lids for 8oz unicup, 12oz & 16oz PE Coastal Hot Cups
    Lids PE for Coastal 8oz uni-cup, 12oz and 16oz cups. Recyclable. Black or White Carton 1000 lids
  • Nitrile PowderFree Gloves - Black Dragon
    •Non-sterile, ambidextrous gloves made from 100% nitrile rubber that is 5 times stronger than latex. •Non-slip textured finger tips for greater grip and beaded cuff for added strength (less likely to tear when donning). •Black colour hides dirt and looks cool! •Contrary to popular belief these gloves are NOT made from Black Dragon Skin. •Carton contains 1,000 gloves (10 boxes of 100) Sizes available: Small - DL NTBS Medium - DL NTBM Large - DL NTBL XLarge - DL NTBXL 2XL - DL NTB2XL
  • Centrepull Toilet Paper - Kiwi Tissue
    Beautiful soft strong toilet tissue Because this tissue paper is dispensed one sheet at a time it makes it one of the most economical toilet tissues on the market CP180, KTG Deluxe 2ply Centrepull Toilet Tissue Length = 180m Sheets = 846 sheets per roll Rolls per carton = 6 VERY VERY EXCITING TIMES :- CORELESS ….. This means less hassle because there is no cardboard core to be removed and disposed of, you will still need to pull out a small cluster of paper at the beginning to get the paper feeding properly through the dispensers BEST OF ALL ----- PLASTIC PACKAGING FREE!!!!! Dispensers available Free on Loan. Check out the link below for a short video on how this product works to save you money Replaces CP170
  • Drawstring rubbish bag - Black-One
    Drawstring Rubbish Bags - Black-One brand. Size: 630x900 Carton: 6 rolls (25 bags per roll)
  • Hot Cup - 12oz Ripple - Coastal
    12 oz ripple wall hot cup. PE lined. Made from FSC approved sources. Carton 500 cups
  • PrimeSource' Heavy Duty Roll Wipes - 85 wipes, Perforated, Blue - Castaway
    PrimeSource' Heavy Duty Roll Wipes Perforated Blue Size: 530 x 300 mm Qty: 85 wipes per roll / 4 rolls per carton *Antibacterial protection prevents bacterial growth on the cloth *Available in a range of colours to prevent cross contamination *Reusable and machine washable *Rinse clean and fast drying *Tough, durable and highly absorbent
  • 70L Black Bin Liner on Roll - Premier Hygiene
    70L Black Bin Liners on a Roll. Extra thick for strength. Made from recycled materials. 720 x 900mm. Carton 500 (20 rolls of 25) Roll 25 bags Was code 03100090
  • Midfold paper towels - Coastal
    Coastal midfold paper towels. Pure cellulose paper. Size: 22.5w x 23cm Carton 4000 sheets -16 packs of 250 sheets.
  • Bastion Nitrile PowderFree Gloves 240mm Cuff - UniPak
    Bastion Blue Nitrile Powder Free Gloves are popular for high-risk emergency situations where body protection is paramount: Superior puncture resistance and surface strength over latex Superior resistance to blood contamination Dermatologically tested to remove allergic reactions that can be encountered with latex Extra long hi-protection 300mm cuff Sizes available: Small - UP 100/201 Medium - UP 100/202 Large - UP 100/203 X-Large - UP 100/204
  • Automatic Dishwashing Detegent - Status
    Low foaming automatic dishwashing liquid for use through automatic dosing equipment. NZ Brewery approved. NZFSA Approved C31 20Litres
  • 35Litre Star Base Biodegradable - BioBag - Pack or Carton
    BioBag bags and films replace plastic yet they can be disposed of in composts, used for animal feed like a pig or worm farm or placed in a green waste collection, even sea creatures can digest BioBag’s. They can also be used in organic farm production and food contact applications. BioBag’s are manufactured from Mater-Bi; the first family of bioplastics that use vegetable components such as GE (GMO) free cornstarch, vegetable oils and biodegradable polymer. All grades are compostable and biodegradable during composting and are manufactured from sustainable and renewable resources... Micron25 580w (open incl gusset) x 770L 25 micron IF YOU ARE UNSURE ABOUT SIZING PLEASE REQUEST A SAMPLE - due to the biodegradability of the product we may not be able to accept returns 25 per Roll/400 per Carton Price per Roll $17.18 Price per Carton $229.00
  • Foaming Hand Wash Orange - Aerelle
    Aerelle Antibacterial Hand Soap is clinically proven to kill harmful bacteria. Special formula leaves your skin soft and protected. Orange Fragrance Pouch 925ml Carton 6 pouches (Old brand Allegro)
  • Grit Citrus Liquid Hand Cleaner - Green Rhino
    This is a powerful hand cleaner with a lanolin base to prevent skin from drying or cracking.Polymer beads aid the cleaning action by gently rubbing away the toughest of grease, oil, dirt, ink, paint, bitumen, tar & grime. Appearance: white liquid Citrus fragrance 5Litres 20Litres
  • Dishwashing Detergent 5Ltrs - QualChem
    LEMEX 5L is a clear viscous liquid detergent with a pleasant lemon fragrance for the removal of dirt and grime from floors and all washable surfaces. PRODUCT FEATURES Safe to use on all types of floors coated with polymer floor coatings. Kind to hands due to its neutral pH. Highly stable and readily soluble in hot or cold water. Contains a wetting agent, which prevents streaking on vehicle bodywork, leaving a clean, shiny surface. NZFSA Approved C32. APPLICATIONS LEMEX is effective for a variety of cleaning tasks and can be safely used on work surfaces, floors, polymer sealed floors, enamel, ceramic ware, tiles, plastic, chromium, steel, motor vehicles, car wash machines, manual dishwashing etc. DILUTIONS General Cleaning - 20mls in 10 litres water (1:500) General Floor Cleaning - 50mls in 10 litres water (1:200) Hand Dishwashing and Vehicle Bodywork - 15mls in 10 litres water (1:700) 5Litres 20Litres
  • Peak Dishwashing Powder - QualChem
    Dishwashing powder suitable for use in domestic dishwashers 4kg tub
  • Heavy Duty Floor/Surface Cleaner 3 x 5Litres - Enzyme Wizard
    Industrial strength heavy duty cleaner for all surfaces. Contains no solvents. Contains a proprietary multi-enzyme formula designed to break down grease, oils and petroleum based problems. Rather than merely pushing the oil and grease around with soap, the multi-enzyme formula lifts and breaks down the petroleum and grease. pH Neutral – Soap Free Formula – Septic safe No Palm Oil – No Ammonia – No Chlorine Designed to be effective at low temperatures! No Heavy scrubbing needed – works well with scrubbers. Designed to discharge down the drain where the enzyme formula will continue to attack the grease and oil residue. Non-corrosive and safe for all surfaces not harmed by water. For use on – Concrete floors, Car Parks, Outdoor Paving, Factory Floors, train platforms. Concentrate - use 10:1 Carton 3 x 5Litres concentrate
  • Toilet Rolls 3ply 220sheets Premium - Quilton
    Quilton Corporate Toilet Rolls. 3ply, 220 sheets per roll. Premium paper. Polybag 72 rolls.
  • Vinyl Gloves Blue - Powdered TGC
    Vinyl Disposable Gloves - Blue Vinyl Gloves for when you need super quick and affordable protection. Vinyl Premium Powdered gloves are an economical choice when high levels of durability are less of a priority. Vinyl gloves typically have a looser fit making them easier for donning and doffing when you're using for short-term tasks. The Glove Company Vinyl gloves are HACCP Food Safety certified so you can rest assured they are safe for use with food preparation and processes. Carton 1000 gloves (10 boxes of 100 gloves) Sizes available: Small - TGC 241911 Medium - TGC 241912 Large - TGC 241913 XL - TGC 241914
  • Centrefeed Paper Towels 2 ply - Kiwi Tissue
    KTG Premium Centrefeed 2ply is an embossed paper towel ideal for food processing or a bulk roll kitchen towel 6 rolls of 180m per carton BEST OF ALL Plastic Packaging Free ... even the tape sealing the box is paper based so you're doing your part to reduce putting plastic waste into our environment Carton 6 rolls
  • 8L Bin Liner Green - BioPlastic
    Our BioPlastic Bags are made from a synthetic biodegradable plastic combined with plant-starch – Ecopond. Certified home compostable to European standards, certified compostable to AS4736 Australian standards. That means these bags are accepts wherever here are municipal organic waste collection services. If the bags do end up in the environment, they will biodegrade more rapidly than conventional plastic bags. -BioPlastic Bags enable the diversion of organic waster from landfill and are ideal for the collection of food scraps. -Bioplastics have a 6-month self life from purchase and must be stored out of direct sun and below 35°C. -The emissions associated with the production, distribution and disposal of the all BioPak products are offset through the purchase of carbon credits. Height: 355mm Width: 220mm Thickness: 0.018mm Carton 1,000
  • Centrepull Paper Towels White - KTG
    Stella CentrePull 2ply White Hand Towel 140m x 6 rolls. Excellent portion control concept. Pulls out one sheet at a time. Talk to us today on how this saves you money.
  • Jumbo toilet rolls 1ply 500m - PureEco
    Jumbo toilet rolls 1ply, 500m per roll. non perforated. Enviro Tissue, 100% recycled paper. Rolls size 90mmx500m Carton 8 rolls Dispensers available Free on Loan - conditions apply
  • Trigger Yellow & White 28/400 250mm
    Trigger for spray bottles - see bottle links below. Closure: 28/400 (suit short neck bottle) Dip Tube Length: 250mm The 3GF is a premium best selling commercial trigger, it represents a quality trigger sprayer designed for commercial users. The adjustable nozzle offers full range of actuation options from stream to fine mist. • Spring-loaded upper valve prevents nozzle leakage. • Designed for easier dispensing and less fatigue. • Polyolefin used in construction assures compatibility with a broad range of products.
  • Nitrile Blue Medical PowderFree - iSense
    Enhance your sensory capabilities with iSense iSense® medical gloves feature a soft blue nitrile that creates a comfortable sensory experience for the user. The soft nitrile material is gentle on the skin minimising the risk of an allergic reaction and the highly elastic blend technology, enables the user to don the glove easily and smoothly without tearing. iSense® Nitrile Gloves are manufactured under strict quality and environmental standards to produce market leading value-for-money medical grade disposable gloves. The nitrile material has been specifically formulated to deliver enhanced strength and durability. iSense® disposable gloves are significantly ahead of traditional latex and vinyl gloves, offering unmatched strength and comfort. iSense® Blue Nitrile disposable gloves are AS/NZS 4011:2014 Accredited Premium Medical Gloves. They are also Food Safe and TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) registered Class 1 Medical device. EN standard for medical gloves for single use and requirements tested for physical properties in accordance with EN 455 Part 1,2,3,4. PowderFree Carton 10x100 gloves (1000) Small - TGC 230001 Medium - TGC 230002 Large - TGC 230003 XL - TGC 230004
  • Midfold Paper Towels - Gracefield Basics
    Widefold paper towels. Gracefield Basics towels are part of a concise range for specific needs. 3600 sheets per carton (180 sheets x 20 packs). Livi code 7453
  • Oven & Cooktop Cleaner 9 x 750ml - Enviro Wizard
    The surfactant blend in the Enviro Wizard Oven & Cooktop Cleaner breaks down stains of fats, oils and greases without giving off harsh fumes. The fats and greases that build up simply lift off the surface once the surfactants have penetrated the soil. The longer the dwell time the easier it is to clean. Complete Ingredients: Water, Enviro Wizard surfactant blend and fragrance. Also works well as a graffiti remover. Carton 9 x 750ml spray bottle
  • Antibacterial Hand and Body Soap Unperfumed - Nucare
    NU-CARE UNPERFUMED is a viscous green lathering hand soap with no fragrance. PRODUCT FEATURES pH balanced and therefore has milder effects on the skin than most toilet soaps. Contains mild skin cleansers with non-irritant coconut derived skin conditioners and moisturisers. Non-sticky. Does not block pumps and nozzles of soap dispensers. Economical. NZFSA Approved C51 APPLICATIONS NU-CARE is ideal for offices, factories, hotels, garages and general cloakrooms. NU-CARE can be used in all recognised soap dispensers (available for the supplier). DILUTIONS Wet hands, apply a small quantity of NU-CARE and rub well. Add a little water and work up to a lather. Finally rinse with more cold water.
  • Dog Waste Bags Rolls Degradable - Earth Rated EcoBags
    Dog Poop Bags Degradable from Earth Rated EcoBags. Lavender scented sturdy bags. Use with Green Dispenser. Refill pack of lavender-scented degradable dog poop bags which can be used on their own or with our cute green dispenser. These bags are easy to open and detach from the roll, while still being extra thick and tough! Earth Rated® green-coloured dog waste bags contain an additive that allows them to break down, unlike traditional plastic bags. Box holds 8 rolls of 15 bags (120bags). Bundle of 12 boxes (1440 bags). $0.101c per bag
  • Spray Bottle 750ml with white trigger
    750ml Spray Bottle with White trigger. Empty.
  • Dispenser Napkins
    Napkins for use in dispensers. Size open: 22.5 x 29cm Size folded: 9 x 14cm Pack 500
  • Latex PowderFree Gloves - HandPlus
    Premium powder free latex examination gloves. •Non-sterile, ambidextrous, examination gloves made from natural latex for a close fit and excellent feel. •Beaded cuff for added strength (reduces likelihood of tearing while donning). •These gloves offer protection for a variety of applications including food processing and preparation, printing, laboratory and medical use. •Manufactured to the ASTM D3578-95 specification for Latex Examination Gloves. •Carton contains 1,000 gloves (10 boxes of 100) Sizes available: Small - DL LG003 Medium - DL LG004 Large - DL LG005 XL - DL LG006
  • INDUSTRIAL Cleaner & Degreaser Concentrate - Simple Green
    - Concentrated formula powerful enough for intense grime, yet gentle enough for continued maintenance of high-traffic areas. - Clean, degrease and deodorise all washable/ water-safe surfaces in a wide range of industries including mining, manufacturing and automotive. - Cuts through tough grease, oils, cutting fluids, built-up grime and residue. - Not Classified as hazardous according to Model Work Health & Safety Regulations and GHS Criteria. - No special PPE requirements for handling. - Safe for use in cleaning equipment such as floors, scrubbers, pressure washers and foamers. - Dilution and application chart available. - Sassafras Scent Available in the following sizes: 750ml (Carton 12) - CIPL SG13025IND 2.5L (Carton 6) - CIPL SG13002IND 4L (Carton 4) - CIPL SG13003IND 20L (Each) - CIPL SG13004 208L (Each) - CIPL SG13034 1041L (Each) - CIPL SG13275

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