Cleopatra - Milk Soak (BAT-MIL-CLE)

It is said that Cleopatra kept her skin youthful, wrinkle free and glowing by bathing in milk. Who wouldn't want that, so I her namesake bath soak is a blend of both a milk bath and bath salt.

Scented with ylang ylang essential oils, and loaded with skin loving sweet almond oil and vitamin e. This milk bath has a surprise instore with the scattering of butterfly pea blossoms, it turns the water from a milky cream to a pastel blue in seconds, adding another layer of luxury to your bath time.

How to use: Scatter a generous amount into a warm bath, climb in and relax.

Ingredients: full fat powdered milk, Epsom salts, pink Himalayan salts, New Zealand sea salts, sweet almond oil, ylang ylang essential oil, vitamin e, dried butterfly pea blossom

weight 300g

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Merchant: Pasithea


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