Sea Biscuit 5kg (3)

The Sea Biscuit is packed full of seafood and sea vegetables direct from New Zealand’s clean ocean depths and rocky inter-tidal shores.

This tantalising little biscuit contains kelps and sea vegetables (edible seaweeds) which are true ‘super foods’. They are rich in omega 3’s, vitamins (esp. Vit B12), minerals and trace elements (including iron & iodine).

They promote glandular health, and assist in the prevention of allergies, inflammatory skin conditions and nervous system problems.

An ideal accompaniment to the BARF diet. These biscuits contain NO artificial Preservatives, colours, hormones, chemcials and use no fillers or bulking agents.

When fed in conjunction with the BARF diet, a small dog will only need 2-3 a day and a large 6-9 a day


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Merchant: Holistic Animal Centre

Phone: 07 3624632

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